Mary Catherine Subasic


June 4, 1958
Toronto, Ontario

March 17, 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Cathe Subasic was a free spirit if ever there was one. She passed away suddenly on March 17, 2016.

Cathe loved life in all its forms. Music was her biggest love, of course, its ability to allow the spirit to soar, to ease deep wounds. The folk scene was her first love. But then she met jazz, and it was love. She developed her voice until it sang with a Sarah Vaughan clarity that made everyone take notice. Then she auditioned for the Mendelssohn Choir, and she re-trained her voice for classical.

She considered her cats, Nikka and Mischa her children. They trained her very well to give them treats. She also loved owls and elephants and every year she posted links to webcams that watched baby eagles being born on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, Cathe could probably win an award for the number of FB friends she had. There she’d post jokes, animal videos, wine jokes, yoga jokes. You couldn’t ask her to sew on a button, but if you had a problem with your phone or computer, she was your girl. But if you asked her for directions, she’d pull out her GPS.

cathie canoe young_2

Cathe could cook up a world class roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings, or flambe a banana in rum that would leave you yearning for more. Before she lived in Longview Co-op, she had a garden that was her joy. When she moved to Longview in recent years she was head of the social committee. She cooked burgers for barbecues and tried out different events to create community.

Cathe started working at the Workers Health & Safety Centre March 5, 1990, which made her a long-standing employee of 26 years. Cathe was proud of the work she did there, the importance and value of the work. But it was also where she had many valued friends. She appreciated their support, their love, their time, their talks.

As some of you know, the world knocked her about a bit sometimes, and she wasn’t always up to its pushes and punches. But she was always smiling. Her laughs, songs, funny stories, and crystal clear singing voice leave a blank space that can never be filled.

Cathie Subasic

She leaves behind sister Colleen, brother Michael, mother Joan, father George, aunt Rita, cousin Glenn, sister-in-law Jennifer, Nephew Marlo, sister-in-law Brenda, niece Sam, former husbands Lloyd, Mike and Bruce, and so many others who are struggling to find some sense in what happened.

Peter Roach:  Cathie will be remembered for her readings of Tolkein’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings while on the Intermediate Girls canoe trips in the evenings around the campfire. She would liven up the stories by adding in her own interpretations spoken in the Elven tongue, no doubt sending the campers and anyone else listening, off to sleep with dreams of Hobbits and Elves. In the evenings at Wanapitei she could be counted on to singing and playing her guitar to a willing audience as seen here in accompanying photo.

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