Meet Our 2023 Staff Team

Jackie Hodgins (she/her)

Site Director

Jackie has been a part of Wanapitei from the moment she was born.  Her grandparents, Stanley and Laura Bell Hodgins, owned and operated Camp Wanapitei when she was a child.  Jackie would fly across the country from Calgary starting at the tender age of 5.  Stanley and Laura Bell would pick her and her brother up at the airport and she would then spend 10 weeks of the summer immersed in camp life. She completed her camper V2 in 1980 which then morphed into leading trips for several years. In 1985, she had to get serious in her field of Architecture. After a few years working in large Toronto architectural firms, she headed to Yellowknife to advance her career and as a favourite sideline, launched 8 years of V2’s trips into the wilderness. In 1998, she returned to the Wanapitei fold; revamping and running the Junior program, joining the Board, and taking on the vast task of organizing and facilitating transportation for Wanapitei’s canoe trips, and in the last 6 years she has managed the construction of several large site projects such as the new kitchen and office addition. She is currently the year-round resident at camp, Site Director and Transportation Logistics Coordinator, Chair of the V2 committee and Site Committee, and is working alongside our Director to provide a safe and awesome Wanapitei experience.

Trish Preston (she/her)

Financial Director

Coming Soon.

Lindsay Shane (she/her)

Camp Administrator

For a greater part of Lindsay’s life, three things have consistently been most fascinating, opening up worlds: learning, the body moving, and the body moving out on the Land. These things have given direction to her life and work that have lasted, underlying her desire to keep looking, listening, and taking the next step.

Lindsay brings to the Wanapitei community a perspective informed by a wide range of personal, educational, and professional experiences— from Sociological Studies related to equity, equality and ethics within the field of Physical Education and Health (M.Sc Exercise Science, University of Toronto) to silviculture work and from initial attack forest fire fighting to a number of extensive group (Camp Wapomeo, TSC) and solo trips travelling on foot and by canoe.

Learning and immersing herself in processes of learning—essentially ways of teaching the old dog in us new tricks—continues to bring her such deep joy and satisfaction. Exploring her body in motion has shown her that it is a viable gateway to flow states and grounded development of the spiritual dimensions. Being a body moving out on the Land has taught her that there are particular states and qualities of being and an embodied sort of wisdom that can only be seeded, nourished, and developed through close and intimate relationship with the Land. The Land—its beings and creatures—seem to
offer themselves as most excellent and important teachers and mentors. The uniqueness and rhythms of each day, the exposure, the having to surrender to the greater forces like sun, wind and rain ask latent and overt qualities and capacities within us to ignite and shine. And all of this has led her to believe
that travelling within and through the natural world on foot and by canoe is not only one of the best ways to develop a deeper relationship with the Land, with what is within oneself, as well as a recognition of these relationships, but also one of the best medicines there is for balancing and unifying mind-body-spirit-emotions.

She maintains a private practice as a Physical Education and Health Consultant incorporating movement/manual therapies, energy medicine, and nutritional counselling informed by Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist with creating and supporting positive changes to her client’s overall health and well-being. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.


2841 Red Squirrel Road
Temagami, ON
P0H 2H0


Wanapitei recognizes and acknowledges that we operate within Daki Menan, the traditional homeland and unceded territory of the Teme-Augama Anishnabai.

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