What’s Happening in the Office Right… Now!

We, along with most of our colleagues at other camps, are often asked what exactly it is that we do outside of the summer months. To help answer that question, as well as share some awesome things going on at Wanapitei right now, I give you: this blog post.

Hiring for summer is in full swing. We are working through the final steps of hiring back our returning staff. From there, we will see where we need to fill the gaps with some awesome new faces for the 2015 season. Check in on our blog in the coming weeks as we bring back our “Look Who’s Back!” feature on returning staff.

The Paddler, our massive annual newsletter, is thisclose to being ready to print. This year’s issue is literally EXPLODING with content (seriously, we’re not sure how we’re going to fit all the fun in its current 32 page incarnation). 2014 families, staff and shareholders can expect the Paddler to arrive to a mailbox near you in the coming weeks.

Welcoming families for this upcoming summer is a big highlight for us. Our phone is ringing all day and our inboxes are full – we love it! Registration is at a record high and we are so pumped to welcome all the new and returning families to our community. Thanks to all of you who are spreading the word about our little slice of paradise in Temagami – please make sure to let us know if you have referred a new family to Wanapitei for 2015, as we would like to offer our thanks and a $100 credit to your family’s account (applied at the end of the summer season).

Designing our Camp Store items is one of my favorite parts of my job. We’re working on some great pieces for this season. We are happy to be offering custom Wanapitei items from a collection by Me to We, as well as other socially- and ecologically-minded brands like American Apparel. We want our community to be proud of where their gear comes from.

Working through the details. There are so many small details that go into making a successful season. While the list can seem overwhelming at times, it really feels like summer is getting closer when we start focusing on the day-to-day details of the upcoming season. Buses booked? Check. Trip In/Out Schedule drafted? Check. Researching menu ideas and geeking out over homemade salad dressings for large crowds? Check (I know I should be embarrassed sharing that, but I’m not).

Planning the BIG stuff and I mean BIG. This spring, Wanapitei is undertaking a HUGE building project – a new program building that will become the second largest building in camp (the dining hall is the biggest for those reaching for their tape measures). This new space means more room for awards and skits, rainy day Gaga ball and Square Dance. We break ground as soon as the snow clears! Check out the awesome “fly-around” video of the building put together by Geoff Hodgins (architect, board member and Wanapitei dad) at the top of the post. Other upcoming building projects include a new craft tent (so long, Post Office. You won’t be forgotten) for 2015 or 2016, a rebuild of our Dick Twain trip storage building and, further down the road, a new kitchen and office.

Is there something you would like to see featured on our blog? Send ideas and comments our way! [email protected]

Erin Sunstrum is the Administrative Director of Wanapitei and recent addition to the full-time team (sorry for the humble brag – I’m too excited not to share). Her geek outs are not just confined large batched salad dressing; she currently is also SUPER into oversized board games for camp that she finds on Pinterest.  Jenga blocks made out of 2x4s?  Amazing.