What’s Happening in Our Office: Summer is HERE!


I feel like the best way to describe the preparation for camp is to compare it to a long distance race.  Fall and winter are an even, steady pace.  We reflect on the summer that has passed, and begin to shape the upcoming year.  Then comes spring – the finish line is approaching, and you feel yourself pushing a little harder. The phone begins to ring more often, boxes of supplies and gear seem to arrive daily, and email and paperwork become constant.  June is the final few hundred metres – you get this incredible burst of energy and excitement knowing that the goal you have been working towards is now within your grasp.  The pace is a little frantic, but you know that it is going to be worth all the work and time.

Full staff training begins on Friday and, as we speak, a group of our trip leaders are making their way to camp after five days of white water practice on the Dumoine River.  The office in Guelph is fully packed and Woody, JJ and their family will join us in Temagami this evening.  The site looks incredible – the grass is cut, the canoes are on the racks, the camper cabins are being set up for their first occupants since the fall, and the Dining Hall floor has never looked so shiny.

And here we are… the final days before our first campers make their way down the trail.  To say it is busy is an understatement, but it is the best kind of busy.  The excitement here is palpable – you hear it in stories shared at the lunch table, you see it in people’s faces as they pour over camper lists, thrilled to see familiar names and so many new ones… we’re READY for the summer.

There will be plenty of news to come over the upcoming days – from updates on staff training to news from our VII leaders after they reach Yellowknife this weekend.  Before you know it, we will be sharing trip send-offs and welcome backs, news from on-site programs, and all the ins and outs of a summer at Wanapitei.  It is our goal to have our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog bursting with information and fun for you all.  Stay tuned – summer is HERE!

Erin is Administrative Director of Camp Wanapitei.