What’s Happening In Our Office: Fall Edition

Wanapitei on the web

A look at Wanapitei’s growing online presence.

“You’re a Camp Director.  So, what do you do for the rest of the year?”

Explaining to people that the job of operating a summer camp takes twelve months of the year when “show time” is nine weeks is sometimes challenging.  But it’s true!  Our planning for the upcoming summer begins before the current summer season is even finished.  Camp is a vibrant, active business twelve months of the year as we work to provide an amazing camp program that is constantly evolving and getting better with each passing season.  So, what are we doing these days?

Answering questions about lost and found and reuniting campers with lost stuff.  Yes we’re STILL doing this!  Our goal is to find a home for each piece of found clothing.  Unclaimed clothing will ultimately be donated to local charities or brought back to camp to replace any items forgotten at home by campers next summer.

Taking new registration for 2014.  So fun!!! Our online system went “live” in September.  Our Voyageur II program is taking shape and campers are signing up for camp daily.

Doing home visits for families who are new to Wanapitei.  We do a slide show and talk about how great camp is.  We love being able to talk to families one-on-one about Wanapitei.

Sorting out the finances from 2013 and setting a budget for spending in 2014.  Tedious, time-consuming and tough.  Trish Preston is our financial goddess.

Planning reunions – finalizing locations, food, and presentations.  Toronto is November 2nd and Ottawa November 16th.  Can’t wait!

Staying up-to-date professionally in the greater world of camping through the Ontario Camps Association and other organizations.  Just as our campers grow, change and learn, we also seek to grow and learn as camp professionals.

Updating and re-imagining our website and social media sites.  We are adding photos, updating information and launching all sorts of fun new features across our online sites.  We are thrilled to be connecting with our camp community on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, our blog AND our website!

All this, plus keeping on top of emails and phone calls that need answering.  It is a busy, challenging and FUN life.  This is the BEST JOB EVER!

– JJ