Vancouver Reunion Highlights

Camp Wanapitei Western Reunion #3 (2)

Big smiles in Vancouver. Please see our Facebook page for more pictures from the West Coast Reunion.

This past Saturday marked our very first West Coast reunion in Vancouver.  Jackie Hodgins gives us highlights from the event.

The first ever Western Wanapitei Reunion was a total success.   A crowd of 25 people attended!  The smiles were wide and the hugs were generous.  Our group ranged from alumni dating back to the 70’s to current campers at the Pioneer level, parents and staff.  The noise level at one point was so intense that it was hard to hear.  The food was incredible…..the brie and caramelized onions was a total hit.  After socializing and eating, we settled into the living room, watched camp videos and shared our ‘craziest moments at Wanapitei’.  Stories included some funny tales of how some people first became a Wanapitei camper and also life changing experiences had on trip.  Thanks so much to Emma Dowds and her wonderful parents for hosting.

Jackie a current board member, camper mom and active member of our summer community.  She is also a long-time (since birth!) alumnus.