Tips For Staying In the Camp Spirit During the Winter

Temagami 2013 (477)

If you’re like me, you’re looking out your window at A LOT of snow right now.  As much as I love the beauty of the winter and its awesome array of outdoor activities, I will admit my shoulders drooped a little this week when Wiarton Willie made his prediction for six more weeks of the white stuff.  In the spirit of keeping summer in our hearts and minds and (hopefully) bringing a smile, I share with you today my top ten tips for staying in the camp spirit during these long winter days.

10. Sing “My Bonnie” and do the actions.  See if you can do it as fast as Bruce – guaranteed to keep you warm in chilly temperatures.

9. Take your paddle into the bathtub and practice your j-stroke.

8. Watch videos on our YouTube channel with your face close to the screen – it’s like you’re really there! (Note: we really don’t recommend you do this often)

7. Sit on a log in front of your fireplace.  Listen to “Wagon Wheel”… on repeat.

6. Stand up during breakfast and announce to your family your route for the day – include landmarks you’re likely to see and any big portages you’ll be conquering.  If your siblings are heading the same way, bring them up to and stand with your arms around each other.  At dinner, stand up again to tell everyone about your day – be sure to include humorous tidbits.

5. Prepackage dry ingredients into plastic bags for your meals for the week.  Carry them in a pack strapped to your front with a barrel of fresh food on your back.

4. Solve all disagreements with a wang-ho… except  for chores.  Those get a ho-wang.

3. Scope out rooms in your house for the one with the most comfortable-looking flooring.  Decide that’s a good place to make camp and stay there until the next morning, even if it’s only early afternoon.

2. Gather a group of friends and family to your front entrance.  Cheer and yell every time someone walks through the door and congratulate them on finishing their trip.

1. Finally, just remember that summer is only five months away – we’re more than halfway there!

Erin Sunstrum is the Head Administrator for Camp Wanapitei.  She welcomes all suggestions for making summer a year-round season.