The Gang’s All Here


This place is buzzing.  Every trip has now returned.  So many hugs on the docks as friends are reunited after long periods on different trips.


asa_sierra hug resized Skits are being practiced for this evening, the kitchen is all a flurry with extra staff members in there preparing for tonight’s banquet, the regatta starts this afternoon, and the dramatic “break skit” (performed by the WLIT’s) has been practiced over and over for a lunch performance.

A Junior Camp trip group returning to camp

A Junior Camp trip group returning to camp

jean woody hug resizedThis afternoon the camp will be transformed into “Frozen” and teams will compete for glory.  Around 4:00 pm the traditional “Sink the Swiss Navy” will begin on the River.  Canoe teams will attempt to throw water into opposing teams’ canoes while trying to keep their own afloat.  No bailing is allowed.  🙂

What a fantastic day!