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What’s Happening in the Office Right… Now!

We, along with most of our colleagues at other camps, are often asked what exactly it is that we do outside of the summer months. To help answer that question, as well as share some awesome things going on at Wanapitei right now, I give you: this blog post. Hiring for summer is in full…

Wanapitei 101: What is… the Chateau? Banquet Night? Community Weekend? Harvest?

  When an organization has been around for as long as Wanapitei, it can be easy to take for granted that not everyone understands what you are talking about when you throw around phrases like Harvest Night, Chateau, Community Weekend or Banquet Night. These things are so ingrained in our culture that we can sometimes…

On Site: Wanapitei in Fall

Camp is a beautiful place all year.  This photo, taken in early-October, comes from our site supervisor Jeff (Heffy) Geiler.  It was taken in front of the Log Cabin area.