Sunshine and Fun

Today was our first full day of glorious sunshine and boy do we deserve it!  The wettest pre camp training and also arrival day EVER on the back of an incredible wet spring led us to enjoy this day more than ever.  Lake Temagami is high – the beach between the Chateau and Chapel Point (named during the Father Paradis era) is more water than beach.  Rivers have high water levels – our river trips are going to have great water.

Right now, the sun is getting lower and the lighting on the field where the campers and staff are playing is beautiful.  Our Temagami’s, 4-week Coureurs de Bois, 4-week Pioneers, and WLIT’s are playing “Prisoner’s Base” along with a bunch of site staff and leading staff.  This is the first time we’ve played this for evening program here and the excitement and laughter is plentiful.  Looks like we’ll be playing this every session from now on.

This morning before flag raising, our Bay Trippers left by bus for the Kesagami River Trip to James Bay.  Their leaders Cori-Anne and Sam were so well prepared and all 16-year-old campers were heading up the trail to the bus earlier than scheduled.  We wish them a fantastic trip.

Later this morning, our two-week Coureurs de Bois campers left on their trip from our docks here on the Red Squirrel River and paddled out into a glassy Lake Temagami.  They were so excited!  Their leaders, Mark and Carly couldn’t wait to get the adventure started.

Yesterday we said “goodbye” to our two-week Pioneer campers as they left by bus for their trip on the Groundhog River.  They’re going to have really great whitewater and their leaders, Bernard and Severen are ready to teach them whitewater maneuvers.

I just heard Grant (our Program Director) yell “JAIL BREAK!” – perhaps it’s time for me to get a closer look at this game!

JJ (Jennifer Jupp)