Summer 2014: Look Who’s Back! (Volume 5)

This summer we have not one… not two… not even three… but FOUR of our amazing staff taking on the role of Trip Director.  We are grateful to each of them for taking a couple of weeks out of their busy schedules to ensure we have all eight weeks of the summer covered.

Graham and Hallie

In July, Graham Preston and Hallie Herz will be calling out from the porch of Sangego.  Both are currently teaching – Graham is out west in Fernie, B.C. and Hallie is teaching high school English in Massachusetts.  Self-proclaimed “co-leaders for life”, Graham and Hallie led one of the Voyageur II trips in 2012.  This is Graham’s second year as Trip Director, and Hallie’s first.

Dowds and Matty

Planning your routes and allocating your gear in August will be Emma Dowds (during week 5-6) and Matt Thompson (week 7-8).  In 2013, Matt and Emma led their second Voyageur II trips (Matt’s first was in 2009, Emma’s in 2010).  This is Matty’s third year as Trip Director and Emma’s first.

More to come!