Summer 2014: Look Who’s Back! (Volume 4)

Summer staffing is coming together!  Welcome back to these lovely staff:


Jean Murray is back for her fourth summer on staff.  Jean is currently studying at McGill.


Asa Thomas, also back for his fourth year on staff.  Asa is living in Toronto after graduating this past summer from the London Scool of Economics.


Megan Buchkowski, back for her fourth summer on staff.  Megan is currently studying at Bishop’s University.


Sierra Mulvenna, back for year number four.  Sierra is currently studying at Ryerson.


Jake Norris, back for year number five.  Jake is currently studying at Lakehead University.


Bronwyn Hodgins, back for her fourth year on staff.  Bronywn is currently studying at Queen’s University and recently hosted her own square dance!

More to come!