Wilderness Leadership in Training

This leadership program for 17 year olds is designed to train participants to lead wilderness canoe trips, to be camp counselors, and to face personal challenges with creativity and maturity.  A strong base is established in canoeing (with ORCKA or Paddle Canada certification), camping and group skills, including leadership, communications, and teaching.

The Wilderness Leaders-in-Training (W.L.I.T.) program includes 25 days in the Temagami district, highlighted by a whitewater instructional trip, a lake and streams trip, first aid instruction, and a three-day solo experience.  Participants learn to pack, navigate, cook, and deal with surprise situations while in a “Leader of the Day” role.  While in camp, newly learned skills will be taught to the younger campers.  Programming skills are honed as WLIT’s plan camp-wide thematic programs for other campers.  Soft skill training is delivered throughout the program – in camp and on trip – covering topics such as:  leadership styles, group process, conflict resolution, bullying signs and solutions, active listening, and behavior management.   The leadership program at Wanapitei is one of the best ways to work towards future employment and a valued place on our staff team.

Schedule and pricing for the Wilderness Leadership in Training program.
Dates Price
June 30, 2023 – July 27, 2023 $6965
July 30, 2023 – August 27, 2023 $7015