Voyageur II

Without a doubt, the Voyageur II trip (for 18 year olds) is the pinnacle of the Wanapitei experience. IMG_1906 As the only program of its kind in Canada, participants spend about 50 days in the remote wilderness of the Northwest Territories, Yukon or Labrador.

As many of our parents tell us, this trip is an investment in life equal to no other.  The challenge of upstream travel, the excitement of arctic whitewater, and the grandeur of the mountains and barrens makes this the trip of a lifetime.  Participants return with a sense of accomplishment and personal growth unparalleled with any other experience.  As with all our programs, special attention is again given to safety and instruction, along with the many other facets of remote wilderness travel.


Schedule and pricing for the Voyageur II program.
Dates Price
June 30, 2023 – August 27, 2023 $11775