Tips for Parents

New to Wanapitei?  Here are some tips to help you get ready for camp

  • Get to know our camp in whatever way you can with your new camper – watch our videos, slideshow, flickr photos
  • Meet or at speak with the Director(s) – have your camper speak with us too
  • Talk to friends who have been to Wanapitei (or another sleep away camp)
  • Sleep at a friend’s house or relative’s house for a couple of nights
  • Learn to be independent by helping with chores at home (making the bed, clearing the table, doing dishes, putting away laundry)

Tips for all Parents and Campers:

  • Involve your camper in all the steps of getting ready for camp
  • Pack well-worn clothes as well as newly purchased clothes (these are familiar and are also fine to get even more worn out)
  • Label clothes and other items.  This is important to make your camper feel good about camp.  It’s hard when you’ve lost something at camp
  • Include a list of items that you’ve packed to help your camper keep track of her/his things
  • Avoid packing money or jewellery
  • Chat about camp in a positive and easy-going way
  • If your child expresses anxiety listen attentively, acknowledge the feelings and move to solutions that empower the child.  i.e. “If you feel that way at camp, who do you think that you could talk to?”
  • Ask your camper what he/she wants to do at camp, learn at camp.
  • Avoid saying that you will miss your child (or that their dog or cat or sibling will miss them)
  • Read our Family Handbook thoroughly.  If your camper has health issues (health issues, medication, special needs) follow the instructions in the handbook perfectly.  Mix ups and misunderstandings can affect a child at camp.
  • Write a letter and send it to camp BEFORE your child leaves home.  The letter will be there when she/he arrives at camp.  Fill the letter with positives like what you are excited about for your camper and the stories that you’ll get to hear when you see your child again.
  • Call the Camp Directors for help if you need it!