COVID-19 Planning and FAQ

Our COVID-19 Family Handbook includes lots of information on how COVID is being managed at Wanapitei this summer. Please read this handbook carefully as it includes pre-arrival tasks for campers.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the summer gets closer, we will continue to add answers to some of the great questions coming from campers and staff!


1. My pharmacy says results for their PCR tests may take up to 7 days, yet camp is asking for a test 3-4 days before arrival. What do I do?

Our contacts at the Ministry of Health have said that getting test results should not be an issue within the 3-4 day time frame and most results will be back within 48 hours. If you’re feeling nervous, you can book an extra day or two in advance and just be sure to STAY HOME and well isolated after getting your test.

2. I’m coming from outside of Ontario and traveling right to camp. Where should I get my PCR test done?

If you’re not spending a few days in Ontario leading up to arrival, it’s fine to get your PCR test in your home province. As with any travel, be extra cautious to maintain 2m distance whenever possible, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and avoid unnecessary stops along the way.

3. My testing centre only tests certain days of the week. What if their available days are outside of the 3-4 day window you requested?

In order to ensure your results are back before arriving, we recommend erring on the side of getting tested a few days earlier (5-6 days) rather than 1-2 days before coming to camp. You’ll need to be strict about quarantining for those extra few days but it ensures you’ll have your test results in time.


1. My child is registered at an OCA day or overnight camp during the two weeks leading up to coming to Wanapitei. Does attending those camps break my quarantine?

It does not! Attending an OCA accredited camp during those two weeks does not violate quarantine if the rest of the rules for isolating are followed at home. We ask that families let us know that they are at another camp so we can verify their accreditation status, but there should not be an issue.