Our Littlest Trippers

campers paddle down riverWe all find it heartwarming when the smallest people in our community are celebrated for being  resilient canoe tripping campers.  Today our first group of Juniors paddled under the bridge from their 3- day canoe trip to an incredible hero’s welcome.  They are so proud of themselves.  The energy they bring to the camp is palpable – their innocence, their love for learning, their hearts on their proverbial sleeves.

Also, our Temagami campers (aged 10 and 11) – two groups of them left today for their 6-day trips.  A bunch of these campers were Juniors last summer – double the days out there this summer!  I had said goodbye to a bunch of them at the docks and then was returning to main camp when one Temagami boy sprinted by me – desperate to get to the dock.  “Have a great trip, Alex!” I called.  When he whizzed by me I thought, “How can he run that quickly AND smile the whole time?”  Yesterday this same camper had told me that he just couldn’t wait to get out and do his trip route.  He’s 11 years old and completely sold on canoe tripping.

These kids amaze me.

JJ (Jennifer Jupp) is the co-director of Camp Wanapitei.