Our First Session Campers Have Arrived!

Hello to you all!  We are off and running.  The bus arrived right on time and soon all were doing their first portage of the summer down the Jack Pine trail.  A hearty dinner of homemade mac and cheese was served.  It was amazing – plenty of seconds and thirds were seen being scooped onto plates.  It’s so nice to see camp all a buzz with camper activity as another summer unfolds.  There’s a camp wide game of Scavination going on outside of my office as I write, a combination of capture the counsellor and a scavenger hunt, loads of fun.   Tomorrow will be the usual first day tour of camp complete with a swim test, paddling, a visit to the doctor, and a chat with the Directors along with several activities.  Happily, our forecast is for beautiful weather the next few days.

Further north our VII campers have assembled and are enjoying their last night in the big city (Yellowknife) before departing on their respective journeys.  I’m sure they are feeling many things on the eve of their VII trip.   We are wishing them well and sending them positive trip vibes.

Thanks for sending us your children we look forward to seeing the personal growth in each and every one of them.

Woody and JJ