Ottawa Reunion Highlights

On Saturday, November 16th, we welcomed over 120 guests to our Ottawa reception.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Food, glorious food.  In addition to our usual yummy treats, Phil Nicholson once again delighted guests with his contributions.  Fancy cheeses, smoked salmon, artisanal dips and tasty wines kept guests nibbling all night.

Have a seat… or don’t! Whether it was the snacks, the company or a blend of both, the crowd definitely chose to stand and mingle rather than sit.

120 strong. Ottawa was by far our biggest reception of the season – over 120 guests attended.

Campers young and old.  Our receptions tend to attract our older campers, so we were THRILLED to see so many Juniors, Temags and CdeBs weaving their way through the Pions, Bay Trippers, River Ads, WLITs and Voyageurs.  Sitting front row, they eagerly pointed out their trip photos during the slideshow.

Bring a sibling and a friend. Several campers brought along their younger siblings and friends to show them what Wanapitei is all about.  Thanks for spreading the love – we hope to see you this summer!

We came without the kids. Thank you to the Voyageur II parents that came even though their campers were unable to attend.  Many of them are out of the city for school, but mom and dad joined us anyway to enjoy the VII presentations.

So nice, they saw it twice.  Several of our guests also made the drive for the Toronto reunion.  Two (or three!) is always better than one.

221 days to go.  It is always bittersweet to end the last reunion of the season knowing it will be months, instead of weeks, before we can gather again.  At the same time, it means we are that much closer to next summer.  221 days until Summer 2014 begins!

Erin is the Head Administrator for Wanapitei.  She has started the countdown clock on her computer for next summer.