May Day! May Day!

It’s May.  I can’t believe it.  Where did April go?  For that matter, where did the whole winter go?  Yesterday, on May 1st, I woke with a mixture of excitement and pure stress.  “It’s May already!  We’ve got so much to do!  Mayday!”

Take a breath.  Let it out.  Do that again.

May is an extremely exciting month for Camp Wanapitei.  All of a sudden it seems, the phone doesn’t stop ringing and the emails about everything under the sun are pouring in.  We’re busy all year but man, it’s an explosion of busy now.  As I sit at my desk, I find that the true excitement of camp is coming to me in wave after wave.

This Friday, Erin Sunstrum (our intrepid Administrative Director) moves to camp.  Starting this weekend, the Voyageur II leaders (Asa Thomas, Jean Murray, Jake Norris and Bronwyn Hodgins) will be at camp receiving a food order and starting to pack the food and equipment they will need for their 52 day expeditions in the Canadian Arctic.  Spring maintenance staff (Kai Bruce, Cori-Anne Huisman, Alex Hodgins, Connor Cepella, and Kimberley Huisman) arrive this weekend too, and the site wakens more with each passing day.

It’s May – BRING IT ON!