Just Checking In: Charles Heath


Charles on the Anapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal.

Today we check in with Charles Heath. 

I left for Nepal on the first of October and spent three weeks trekking in the Himalayas. After a couple of weeks of relaxation, jungle safaris and bungee jumping I am excited to be heading to  India this week. I am planning on traveling India for six weeks or so before heading to Sri Lanka for the holidays.  The next four months will be surfing, hiking, eating and scuba diving throughout as much of Southeast Asia as I have the time to see before coming back and getting ready for V2.

My summers at Wanapitei make traveling easier because I am used to having to adapt to changing situations and deal with a wide variety of challenges.  Not to mention any guesthouse is better than a wet tent.

Charles graduated from Western University this past spring with a degree in Geography. This past summer, he led a Bay Trip in July and Voyageur I in August.  After his year of adventures, he’ll be back at Wanapitei to lead Voyageur II in 2014 with Sophie Roher.