Junior Camp

Some Week 3 Juniors practicing paddling skills

Some Week 3 Juniors practicing paddling skills

Ahhhhh Juniors.  Our youngest ones here.

The Junior Program started this summer on July 12th.  The one-week’ers have gone home and the next group of one-week’ers is now here.  Two boys are here for 2 weeks of July in the program – they are looking like the seasoned veterans in the clan.  This morning they all left on their 3-day canoe trip.  We did a send off for them in the dining hall at breakfast and man, they are all so cute wearing their canoe-tripping clothes.  The energy was palpable – 7,8 and 9-year olds excited to go on an adventure.

I’m feeling proud of the staff members that we have working with the Junior Groups.  We have 6 staff members for 12 kids – an incredible ratio.  Each camper can be given a lot of individual attention.  The staff group is so energetic and funny – I was laughing so hard on the first night at the campfire program that the next day my abdominal muscles were sore.  I think the Juniors will have good tales to tell of the silly things that their leaders did and said during their camp experience here.

Last night they did a great scavenger hunt that the leaders created here in the office.  The 2 leaders writing the hunt were SO INTO IT – trying to make it the best evening activity ever.  This is what makes me proud and pleased – staff members going the extra mile for the little ones.  Staff members taking each child under the proverbial wing.

On Wednesday we will cheer them under the bridge and hear about their explorations.

I will clap until my hands hurt and cheer my head off, imagining them paddling under the bridge year after year in their futures here.