Good ol’ Camp Prank

This morning Woody and I woke to find a note left on our porch.  Left there in the middle of last night, from one of the Bay Trip groups (who had arrived at camp around 2:00 am after a long journey from Moosenee to Cochrane and then to Temagami).  We learned that our beloved Program Director, Asa Thomas had been kidnapped!  He would be returned with the Bay Trippers during their paddle under the bridge if and only if a few conditions were met.

Of course, the letter was read to the entire dining hall at breakfast.

All conditions were met as the Bay Trippers Group B paddled under the bridge.  Asa was struggling against the bonds of his captures and then was joyful and relieved after his release.

There’s nothing like the tradition of a Good ol’ Camp Prank.

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