Today is our second full day of camp.  As I sit and write this it really feels like we’ve all been here  together for longer.  Last evening I checked in with every group of trip leaders and the way they  described their campers to me sounded like they had known them all for days.  Camp is like that – an  afternoon of team building and smart play leads to quick, genuine connections.  In the dining hall, each table group already looks like a family.  This morning the entire camp got together at a very special spot overlooking Sandy Inlet – Chapel Point.  In the 1950’s the camp community used this beautiful lookout location for simple community services.  We now have an event that we call “Gathering” here on the second morning of each 2-week session.  On the point is a pile of rocks – each rock about the size that would fit in an adult’s palm.  Since 1956 every trip group at Camp Wanapitei has contributed a rock to the pile.  When I look at those rocks, the feeling of connection to past adventurers always sends shivers down my spine.  The campers today also seemed to “get it” as they quietly added their rocks to the pile.  Every group shared something thoughtful this morning – a song, reading, or poem.

We are so lucky to be here together on beautiful Lake Temagami living together in an amazing community.

Jennifer Jupp (JJ) is the co-director of Camp Wanapitei.