FAQ: How Do You Choose the Camp Store Gear?


Erin Sunstrum tells us about selecting camp gear for our online and in-camp stores.

I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I have a camp swag addiction.  My closet is FILLED with camp shirts and sweats.  I carry my Wanapitei Nalgene everywhere.  Sometimes I have to change what I am wearing, because I realize the only non-camp items I have on are my socks.

I am telling you this so that you better understand why I think one of the coolest parts of my job is helping choose our camp clothing and accessories for each summer.  It’s because I completely understand why your camp gear is so important: besides being some of the comfiest clothes you own, it acts as a special link between you and the amazing memories you create at camp.

Each fall, we meet with our designers to begin the process.  We talk about what worked (and didn’t work) for the past season and then delve into the new year.  It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of work.  Imagine a room filled with hundreds of shirts, sweats, water bottles, pens, hats, and much more.  Now imagine that each of those items comes in at least ten different colours and almost infinite artwork options.  We go back and forth on the items themselves, brands, colour choice, logos and designs.  Our criteria are simple: we want things that will be functional, comfortable, affordable and down-right awesome.  Easy, right?

We had our first meeting with our designers, the amazing team at Camp Right Sleeve, this past Friday.  Today, I wanted to give you guys an idea of some of the items we’re looking at for 2014.

Sweatpants One of the most requested items by our older campers.

Nalgenes We’ve had “They are brave and they are bold” and “They can pack and they can track”… Who knows what will be on this year’s bottle?

Sunglasses There are some amazing new colours for this summer.  The one we’re most excited for? Tortoise Shell.

Mugs Big, sturdy mugs for trip.  Lots of room for hot chocolate or Big Soup!

These are just SOME of the great things we’re looking at right now.  Keep checking back over the next few months when we will share some sneak peeks of our new stuff BEFORE our online store goes live!

Erin is the Head Administrator for Wanapitei.  She is writing this blog in her Wanapitei hoodie and longsleeve thermal, while drinking out of her “They can pack and they can track” Nalgene.