Camp Wanapitei’s response to COVID-19

June 12 2022


  1.   Participants will be encouraged to minimize social contact for the week leading up to arrival at camp in order to reduce possible COVID-19 exposures.
  2.     Anyone travelling from outside of Canada must follow federal and provincial requirements and guidelines for quarantining, screening, and testing prior to camp.
  3.     All staff and campers who are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine are required to be fully vaccinated (2 doses) and strongly encouraged to have a booster dose if eligible.
  4.     Proof of vaccination should be uploaded to the portal at or emailed to [email protected]
  5.     All campers are required to self-administer 2 asymptomatic rapid antigen tests (RAT) prior to their arrival to camp. These tests are available for free to collect from most grocery stores and pharmacies. A paid, supervised test is not required.
  6. The first should be done 3 days before arrival to camp.  The second should be done the morning of arrival at camp.
  7. You will be asked to sign a Google form on arrival day confirming the tests were completed and the results are negative. This will be sent to you the night before arrival.


  1.     Anyone entering the camp (campers, staff, parents/guardians, contractors, deliveries, etc.) will be asked to self-report any symptoms to the Camp Directors or medical staff on site.  There will be signs posted throughout camp and on the trails with a list of reportable symptoms.
  2.     Anyone who is symptomatic or ill will not be permitted entry to camp.
  3. Families are welcome to drop campers off in camp this summer.  Visitors and families will be asked to distance from children who are not in their own family or who have not traveled to camp with them.  Family members and other visitors will be required to wear a mask during their stay except during mealtimes when on the camp side of the river.


  1. Visitors to camp will be limited as much as possible, although families are welcome to join for drop off, pick up, and banquets.
    1. All visitors will be asked to review the symptoms and self-screen.  If they have any symptoms they will be asked to refrain from entering camp.
    2. All visitors must wear a mask, perform hand hygiene and maintain a minimum 2-meter distance from others while on site.
    3. Visitors will be considered a cohort and will be asked to maintain distance from the campers and staff.  They will be provided a separate eating area for banquets.
    4. Guests staying at the Chateau and attending banquets are required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19

Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

  1. Camp staff will perform and promote frequent proper handwashing
  2.     Handwashing will be discussed and demonstrated by a director at the start of each session and during staff training
  3.     Signage with instructions for proper handwashing will be posted at all sinks
  4.     Junior-CdeB leaders will supervise handwashing when possible
  5.     Every building in camp will have a sanitizer station near the entrance
  6.     Sanitizer bottles will be on every table in the dining hall
  7. Staff and campers will be educated on proper respiratory hygiene at the start of session and during training, including coughing/sneezing into their elbow or sleeve, and avoiding touching their face or mask.
  8. Frequent breaks for handwashing or sanitizing will be performed daily on trip.
  9.     Handwashing stations will be set up upon arrival at the campsite each day
  10.     Campers are encouraged to carry individual sanitizer on top of the sanitizer carried by the group.
  11. Hand hygiene supplies will be checked daily and replenished as required by the housekeeping staff responsible for that area.

Physical Distancing

  1. No physical distancing will be required for campers and staff on site.  Meal times and activities will return to normal with no cohorting required.
  2. Physical distancing and masking are required by anyone visiting the site. Anyone interacting with the visitor should also be masked and distanced.


  1. Cohorting will not be required for campers and staff this summer.  As per public health guidelines, no masking or social distancing measures will be required of staff or campers.


  1. Masks are not required for staff and campers this summer once they are on site or on trip.  Campers and staff will be required to wear masks during travel to and from camp, or if interacting with visitors or family members.
  2. Staff and campers will be educated on the safe use, limitations, proper care, and disposal of masks.
  3. Non-medical masks will be washed or disposed of after use.
  4. Campers and staff will be required to have a minimum of 5 masks at camp for the purposes of travel and/or guest interaction.
  5. Laundry for masks is available for group use and will be the responsibility of the trip leader. On trip, masks will be washed in hot soapy water.
  6. Masks are not to be shared between individuals even after cleaning, therefore it is imperative that masks be labelled properly.
  7. Camp Wanapitei will have a supply of masks available for staff and campers who require them due to loss or damage of their personal supply.
  8. Using non-medical masks should be avoided if undue risk may occur, or if breathing is difficult during extremely hot weather conditions. In these instances, physical distancing must be maintained between cohorts.
  9. Masks should be changed when visibly soiled, damp, or damaged.

April 30 2022

Camp Wanapitei is working with our medical staff and local health unit to determine our guidelines for managing COVID-19 this summer. We will continue to update our families and staff as the summer gets closer. Please note that the following steps WILL be part of our summer plans:

Vaccination Policy: Camp Wanapitei requires all campers, staff, guests, (overnight guests and guests coming to banquets or meals) who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for Summer 2022 unless they have a documented medical exemption signed by a physician. This policy will remain in place regardless of any changes to provincial or federal mandates.

Day visitors (ex., those dropping off or picking up campers) will be required to wear a mask when on property.

Masks: All campers should plan to pack masks. Campers will wear masks when using camp transportation (bussing to/from camp, shuttle vans or buses to/from trip).

Self-screening: Camper families and staff are expected to self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 in the days leading up to camp. Campers or staff displaying cold or flu symptoms will not be permitted to start camp until they are well. Should a delayed start not work for the family or camp (i.e. the canoe trip departs before the child is able to attend), every effort to offer the camper an alternate program date later in the summer or a medical cancellation (balance less 15%) refund may be available.

March 10 2022

Camp Wanapitei requires all campers, staff, and guests who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for Summer 2022 unless they have a documented medical exemption signed by a physician. This policy will remain in place regardless of any changes to provincial or federal mandates.

We are continuing to monitor other COVID-19 regulations as they are released from our local public health unit and the Ministry of Health.