Conversation With A Camper: Meet Andi Breckles


Andi (far right) on her River Adventure in August 2013.

Camper Andi Breckles came to Wanapitei for the first time as a River Adventurer this past summer.  Today on the blog, she shares her Wanapitei experience as “the new kid” and why she can’t wait for next summer.

You joined the Wanapitei community just this past summer;  how did you find out about our camp?

I used to go to a different camp on Lake Temagami and I remember them mentioning Wanapitei a few times. I was interested in seeing what other options there were, so I decided to do some research one year, and found Wanapitei.

What made you decide to come to camp?

I attended two other camps prior to finding Wanapitei. I enjoyed them both obviously, but I never really enjoyed the atmosphere quite like I did Wanapitei- there’s just something entirely different about it. I switched from the other camps in order to find a camp that best suit me and what I was looking for, and I finally found it at Wanapitei.

You started at Wanapitei when you were seventeen, that’s later than most of our new campers.  What was challenging about being new?

The fact that I went in knowing absolutely no one was a little intimidating. I remember being dropped off on the first day in pouring rain, having approximately 900 mosquito bites from the trail walk in, and being skeptical about what I got myself into.

What made the adjustment easier?

As I was walking down the trail into camp I remember meeting Miller and Hobbs (my counsellors) as they were portaging canoes the other way. They were just so warm and friendly, that definitely made the first impression a good one. Then I was introduced to Frieda and Abi (other girls in her River Ad group), who were just instantly welcoming and accepting. It was like the best case scenario I could have hoped for.

What advice would you give to campers that are new to the community?

I remember being skeptical about going because I knew absolutely no one, so I was conservative for the first few days of camp. Really, that wasn’t necessary. The faster you warm up to camp people the better time you’ll have. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

What was your best memory from the summer?

It’s a tough call between my favourite memory being the phenomenal people I met while at camp or the insane amount of white water we did. It was ridiculously fun and just all around enjoyable experience. I’d say my absolute favourite memory would be paddling under the bridge- I just couldn’t help but have this massive grin across my face while paddling under it.

What are you most looking forward to for next summer?

I’m looking forward to being enrolled in WLIT. The program looks like such a good time and I’m counting down the days. I also can’t wait to be reunited with everyone at camp again!

Thanks, Andi!  We can’t wait either.