2018 Program Directors

CarlyCarly Turner – Late July

From Maple Ridge, British Columbia.  Carly hopes to attend the West Coast Adventure College’s Outdoor Leadership and Recreation Program. Her favourite activities include hiking, rock climbing, camping, canoeing, and art.  Great Moment in Camping: “The first ever backpacking trip I went on in Tetrahedron Provincial park with 15 of my closest friends. With such a large group, we hiked very slowly, and for many of us it was our first backpacking experience. We all encouraged each other to keep going, sang songs and shared snacks. I remember so vividly seeing the cabin, perched on a cliff above us with the orange midsummer sky as a perfect backdrop, and hearing someone yell from behind me, “NO WAY! IT ACTUALLY EXISTS!”. The humour mixed with relief helped me complete the final 500m scrabble to the cabin to spend three blissful nights in the quietest place I’ve ever had the pleasure of inhabiting. ” Carly will be Program Director in Late July leading trips this summer. This is her second summer at camp and her second year on staff.

grant cropGrant Conover – August

From Toronto, Ontario. Grant is going into the fourth year of his Economics degree at Queen’s University. He is a drummer in a steel pan band that has participated in festivals in Australia, Scotland and Italy. Great Moment in Camping: “One of my favorite camping memories was day 12 on VI. We had just completed the hardest 12 days of tripping I’ve ever had through various “creeks”, log jams, and a swamp. Then at the end of the “Creek That Shall Not Be Named” the sun came out we got to really paddle for the first time in almost two weeks and the feeling of accomplishment, even halfway through trip, was awesome!” Grant will be leading trips in August and serving as our Program Director for July. This is his 11th year at camp and his fifth year on staff.


2018 Tripping Directors

camp logoAngus MacPhail – July

From Vancouver, British Columbia.  Angus has been living and working in Kingston, Ontario, since completing his Masters in Engineering from Queen’s University.  His favourite activities include rugby and camping.  Great Moment in Camping: “Exploring the tundra along the coastline of the Arctic Ocean.” Angus will be returning as our Tripping Director in late July after a short hiatus.  This is his seventh year on staff, after many years as a camper.


gilGill Thompson – August

From Guelph, Ontario.  Gill is working as the year-round Program Director at the Kandalore Outdoor Education Centre, where she has unlimited access to a laminator.  It’s a full-time camp job, no big deal.  Her favourite activities include being the trip director at Wanapitei, and thinking about moving to BC.  Great Moment in Camping: “Hiking on the Bruce Trail with my rockstar Wanapitei lady friends last spring.  Can’t wait for our next trip!”  This is her 15th year at camp, and 10th year on staff.

Summer Site Manager

eliaElia Deck

From Peterborough, Ontario.Elia is an apprenticing carpenter in Peterborough. His favorite activities include playing guitar, making things and eating. Great Moment in Camping: “Drinking pasta water coffee on a rocky island one misty morning on VI.” Elia will be managing the site this summer. This is his 16th year at camp and his third year on staff.


Full Time Staff

logo for profilesTrish Preston – Financial Manager

From Peterborough, Ontario.  Much of Trish’s time is spent ensuring camp is running smoothly.  Beyond managing our finances, she is an invaluable resource for all things Wanapitei and a huge support for our staff.  Great Moment in Camping: “Boating with Bruce and Maya (her youngest daughter) to the old growth forest.”  Trish works year round as our Financial Manager.  This is her 23rd year working at camp.


Erin SunstrumErin Sunstrum – Administrative Director

From Ottawa, Ontario.  Erin graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies and Global Studies from Wilfrid University and a B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa.  Her favorite activities include reading, crafting and staring at the lake from her desk in Temagami.  Great Moment in Camping: “While paddling on the Broadback in the fall of 2016, we had an unscheduled rest day to do some boat repairs.  After a couple of rainy days on bush crash campsites, we had a beautiful, sunny rock to call our own for the day.  It was like nature’s way of telling us that it was going to get better from there.”  Erin joined the management team full-time in January of 2015 .  This is her 15th summer working in camping and her eighth year at Wanapitei.